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When it comes to appliance repair Advanced Appliances has you covered for all your needs. We have Red Seal certified technicians to help you for same day repair. Life doesn't stop just because appliances need repair and neither should you.

With costs at up to 17 per cent less than the competitors rates it's no wonder Advanced Appliances has been awarded for Customer Service in both 2015 and 2016.


Advanced Appliances can help you with your refrigerator needs whether you're managing a commercial kitchen or your home refrigerator has a motor sounding like a lawnmower engine. There's no job too big or too small for our technicians. And with same day repairs, the only thing spoiled will be you the customer with our prompt service and excellent prices.


Don't settle for a washer that doesn't live up to standard or at all. Expect the best of your washing appliance, and know you can get the best when you trust your washer repairs and installations to the licensed technicians at Advanced Appliances. We're able to repair problems quickly and get you back up and running at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

  • Lower Cost Repairs
  • Guaranteed Results


A working dryer will leave your garments nice and warm, kind of like the feeling you get when you look at the rates of AdvancedĀ Appliances as compared to their competitors. And when you experience their award winning customer service, efficient scheduling and low prices you'll be glad you called in the first place.


Dishwashers are supposed to make life easier not harder, so when they break down it adds a certain insult to expense. Except the expense isn't an insult at all when you call Advanced Appliances. Our certified technicians are available to come and take a look, give you a free estimate and fix any issues at up to 17 per cent less than their competitors. So let our technicians come out today to fix your dishwasher before you've even had the chance to dirty your next load of dishes.

  • Fast Response
  • Certified Technicians
  • Great Service
  • Guaranteed Results


If you find your stove with more glitches and quirks than warm meals and baking then don't delay, contact Advanced Appliances to fix your stove today. With Red Seal certified technicians available, there's no need to be inconvenienced by an appliance working less than perfect. The technicians at Advanced Appliances give 100 per cent each and every time and so should your stove, so don't hesitate to contact us today.

Stove Repair


Advanced Appliances has red seal licensed technicians able to install any appliances whether commercial or for home services. Technicians are able to give you pertinent information, quick service and a 1 year warranty on all services provided for you. This is one of the many reasons we were awarded for outstanding Customer Service in 2015-2016.


Whether installing a professional grade kitchen, a wall of washers and dryers or insdustrial grade dishwashers no job is too big or too extreme for AdvancedĀ Appliances as we cater to Vancouver Island businesses. Not only do we install appliances of all industrial levels, we repair and give same day services to those as well all under warranty.

  • Up To Date Training
  • Expert Team
  • Service Warranty
  • Guaranteed Results

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